What do you do in your free time? Go on a walk, practice a hobby such as playing the guitar, read books or sleep? Perhaps, you might also watch movies, which is the most common thing people do when they’re bored or have nothing to do, not only at boring hours, but also the interest to watch one’s favorite genres, actors, and the stories.

Few things about Movies:

Movies are a big part of our lifestyle; they play an equally important role for influencing people, to gain some knowledge depending on the genre. Watching movies has always been a common hobby which most people has. It’s crazy if we look at how movies have evaluated from the time, the first movie was released and the time, now. From the first movie, during the improvement by adding sounds, adding colors, effects, and now 3D cinemas, cool, isn’t it?

Fair and unfair:

So, what is the thing that is not fair concerned with the movies and their audiences? The answer is 123movies. Yes, of course, it’s beneficial to the audiences that they save money and watch movies sitting at home at their comfort zone, but it’s not fair to the ones, who gave so much of their time, efforts, and yeah money into something you’re watching for free. How would you feel if you’ve done a presentation for a week and your colleague took the efforts of your work saying they did it? You would not want something like that to happen. Similar to the movie industry, they give so much of their work, and you can’t just watch it without giving them the credits they deserve. Even if you keep aside the question of the filmmaker’s efforts and the credits they deserve, the other question arises which is, “Is that safe and by safe it means any malware functions won’t infect your device?”. Yes, when you view an online pirated movie on any website, there are chances that one free movie, would get you into a great loss, wherein there are cases as such, you end up buying or renting the movie, or you let a virus enter into your systems causing you a loss. The fair thing one could do is to take the subscription of the 123movies wherein you can watch movies online. For more information visit here https://123movies.gallery/

Morals, fairness and legal:

There are a few channels or applications, wherein you get to watch movies once you take subscription by paying the amount. There’s no wrong to watch movies through a site wherein you pay for the subscription, that’s the best thing you could do, rather than watching movies online.

Hence, make sure to keep online movies and piracy topics aside, one should watch online movies but not in a pirated environment.