High speeding is one of the leading causes of road accidents. For cities as large as Perth with a high population and the additional feature of a fast-paced capital city life; the importance of effective traffic management increases even more. Additionally in areas such as parking lots, hospitals, residential areas etc. effective speed management measures are vital.

Speed humps Perth is an effective measure which can be undertaken to prevent accidents due to high speed of vehicles in residential areas. Speed humps are mostly vertical parabolic devices used for traffic calming at narrow roads. These roads have a low traffic volume capacity and are meant only for a slow and controlled pace of vehicles. With a height ranging from 3 to 4 inches and a width of 12 to 14 feet, the ramp length of these structures are made according to the target speed and are generally in the range if about 3 to 6 feet.

Benefits of speed humps

Speed humps reduce the vehicular speed to 10-15 miles/hour. Moreover, if made in a series they can bring the speed even more down in the range of 20-35 miles/hour. Another feature which is unique to this speed reduction measure is that other measures such as ‘go slow’ signs in the residential or parking areas lose their affectivity after some time, whereas the results from the use of speed humps remain consistent for a longer period. Additionally, they can also be used as water deflectors or for avoiding disruption of cycling lanes


Online platforms for speed hump construction

The construction contractors of Perth have now come up with online platforms to help the customers find them easily and get their work done cost-effectively. These platforms have simplified the process by giving an effective user experience to those looking for speed humps Perth. A customer can easily get an estimate of the expenses which might be incurred in the process and also get various other queries answered by making a direct contact to the constructors through the contact information given on these sites.

Hence, if you are a person looking forward to modify the driving behaviour in the roadway of your house or the parking area if your residence, these online platforms may come handy in speed humps Perth installation at your place conveniently and effectively.


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