Marriages are the most beautiful moment in anyone’s life. It is a relation of a lifetime with a person who is your soul mate. Since ancient cultures, marriages were considered a gathering of family members and relatives who witness the two people tied in a bond of a lifetime. Earlier, families used to fix the marriage of their children according to who they thought was the perfect match for their respective children. Arrange marriages were fine, but later fixing an arrange marriage got really tiring and stressful. This lead to the formation of matrimonial sites. These sites help you find the perfect match with the bio-data of the candidate mention in his/her profile. But there are certain sites that earned money by conning the applicants. Here you will read about these fake websites.

How do these sites con their applicants?

It’s not always necessary that a person finds his/her match in their day to day lives. So, in that case, they apply for the perfect match virtually, because this process is time-saving and one can surf through thousands of matches by sitting comfortably at their homes. This is exactly how they take advantage of the applicants. They make sure that they look extremely genuine to the applicants so conning gets easier. The sites are a chain of lies and fraud that they speak in a way that makes you believe their genuineness. The cases of fake matrimony are visible in newspapers. The latest case in the market is of rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist from Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. They have been conning the people since months until recently an applicant filed a case against them for tricking her into paying a heavy 6 digit amount.

They conned the applicant by proving how genuine they are by mailing the list of suitable matches and executives saying they’ll ask for payment only when the perfect is found. But they started asking for fees right after the applicant saw the profiles of matches.

How to make sure the site is not fraud?

  • Sometimes, the matches you find perfect for yourself can be fraud or a scam account. Yes, recently it’s known that not all profiles are real on these sites
  • Like rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist case, don’t go blindly for any matrimonial site. First, have proper knowledge about their work through reviews or talking to their applicants

Like this, you can save yourself from fraud agents.