Pokemon Jupiter is the hacked version of Pokemon Ruby and it was first released in 2008. After a long time ban, the developers have again come forth with the good version of hack. This hacked version allows crossover between Pokemon Series and Golden Sun series. With this series of game you will get the chance to experience the journey of Ivan from Golden Sun. There is no battling with swords and no using of magic you just need to use the popular device Pokeball so as to capture the Pokemon and obtain many characters as you want in the party. So have fun playing the hacked version Ruby Hack Pokemon Jupiter.

What are the Highlights of Ruby Hack Pokemon Jupiter?

There are many great features of Ruby Hack Pokemon Jupiter and you will seriously find the features really amazing. The developers have made many changes in the game to offer the gamers with the amazing gaming experience. Some of the highlights of the game include:

  • A wide variety of animations for Pokemon Jupiter have been included for adding thrill into the game
  • Now the gamers will be allowed to use the telepathy with the hacked version of Pokemon Jupiter
  • It is the improved version of the Psychic type Pokemon game
  • There are over 65 new songs have been included and also has a music box to play the songs
  • There are different faces to portray the diverse characters in the game
  • New instruments are included in the game
  • Over 95 cries are available in the Pokemon Jupiter hacked ruby
  • The Pokedex is rearranged in the ruby hack version
  • Gamers will also notice some other amazing features in the game while playing it
  • The game also includes some dungeons which are designed according to the Golden Sun

How to Install Ruby Hack Pokemon Jupiter?

In order to get the hacked version of Pokemon Jupiter you need to join the Ruby Hack Pokemon Jupiter community or forums. You will get the link at the community page which you need to use to download and install the hacked version of the game. However, you would require an android emulator to get the game on your windows PC. There is a direct link available which you need to use to download and install the game on your device successfully. So, enjoy playing the hacked game as per your need.