Based on the dark fantasy land of Wraeclast, where the most frightening outcasts and criminals are sent, Path of Exile is a role-playing action video game. Most action RPGs are about two things: valuable gems and endurance strength. It is based on the Skill Gem System, where the skills are hidden in precious gems and are unleashed only when that gem is attached to the correct equipment. There are many support gems or power-up gems that can boost your skills. Each gem is independent of the other and can be used for trading. Some of these gems can be very hard to find.

The developers, Grinding Gear Games, have focused on the plotline and narrative since it first came out.  This game has a POE currency trading system that is used to improve your character by buying weapons and equipment and adding functionality. You can buy POE currency on several online gaming platforms. You can even purchase the precious gems online and add them to your game.

Path of Exile

POE Exalt is a very rare currency and is extremely difficult to score. It can be dropped by the most unsuspecting characters like destructible containers, slain monsters, and chests. They are also dropped from Arcanist’s Strongboxes.

The POE Exalt is required for creating even rarer items. Wealthy players can consume these by adding random affixes to rare items or by paying for them. Average players use these exalts for trade.

Obtaining POE Exalt

There are many ways to score exalts. While buying them online or making an in-app purchase is always available, the other options are-

  • Combining 20 exalted shards to obtain one poe exalt orb
  • A complete set of Sharper items can be traded for two exalted shards
  • A complete set of Elder items can also be traded for two exalted shards
  • If all the items of the above two sets are unidentified, then you can trade them for four exalted shards
  • Another way is the unprofitable Vendor Recipe, where you have to trade the Mirror of Kalandra for two exalted orbs, one Divine orb, and five Regal orbs


POE Exalt is often regarded as the standard gold currency for trading. Several trade deals can take place only through exalts. If you are a dedicated player, then you realize the importance of having exalted. So if you want to advance to higher levels then either score them or purchase them ASAP!